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Tar Pit

TAR PIT (2015)
Crime Drama

Underneath the surface of a sleepy country town, a brutal drug war rages as rival crime syndicates battle to control the heroin supply that’s fueling a rural epidemic. When Sandra, a young documentary filmmaker, arrives in town committed to exposing the town’s dark secrets, an unstable situation turns explosive. For Sandra is the long lost daughter of Devon Green, a savage enforcer for a drug kingpin as powerful as he is cruel. As she delves deeper into the desperate underworld of addiction, greed, and power, Sandra becomes a pawn in a violent drug war. Will Devon stay loyal to his bosses or defend the daughter he never knew? Are blood ties stronger than the lust for money and power?

Starring: Juliana Aiden (The Mysteries of Laura), Stefanie Bari (The Sopranos), John Christian (Hangmen), Paul Darren (Red Rum), Michael Halliday (The Disposables), George Katt (Blue Bloods)

Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen (Hangmen starring Sandra Bullock; Shock Troop starring Danny Aiello)

Producer/Director of Photography/Screenwriter: Matthew Howe (Cyber Vengeance starring Robert Davi)